RuralNet is an Insurance Technology company that seeks to give every Filipino access to affordable insurance.

RuralNet, along with our subsidiary insurance brokerage, CashKO, focuses on establishing sustainable financial systems at the grassroots level. We do this by partnering with institutions that cater to underserved Filipinos and SMEs. We also create systems solutions that help insurance providers serve their communities better.

CashKO provides microinsurance solutions that focus on fast claims processing with high approval rates.

CashKO works with underserved SMEs to develop comprehensive insurance plans that can help businesses grow at scale.

RuralNet’s digital insurance distribution platform allows you to fully digitize the insurance process and make it more accessible to consumers.

Social impact is at the heart of our operations.

RuralNet was founded with the goal of developing microinsurance programs that directly address the needs of the everyday Filipino. Our programs offer faster claims turnaround times than traditional insurers, which allows customers to get the help they need. By working with partner institutions on the grassroots level, we are able to build financial security nets for Filipinos who need it most.

Our insurance solutions have helped our partners scale rapidly at less cost.

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